The Bad Breath Remedy That Really, Really Works

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I’ve used this product for 20+ years and I love recommending it. When I was a child I had not just “bad breath” but dragon breath. It was the worst! It lasted through my teens and early 20’s and then I found what worked and it’s been great ever since. With Smart Mouth’s system of two oral rinses my husband tells me my breath smells like nothing. It’s such a wonderful relief. Even first thing in the morning it’s really ok and nothing I ever worry about. It’s the bad breath remedy I love to recommend because it truly saved me from something so embarrassing and defeating.


Though you’ll notice a difference immediately, using Smart Mouth consistently, morning and night for about 3 weeks allows the effects to accumulate and then you’ll really feel confident that bad breath is a thing of the past.


Here’s how it works.Smart Mouth mouthwash - remedy and cure for bad breath


Sulfur gas creates bad breath. Our mouths have millions of bacteria that break down protein particles in our saliva and sulfur gas is the result.


Smart Mouth is actually two solutions that are mixed right before you use it. It doesn’t mask bad breath but rather stops it at the source. It destroys the sulfur gas in two ways. The first solution eliminates the sulfur and destroys the gases and the second is the zinc-rich activating solution that releases millions of zinc ions. The zinc technology blocks the germs’ ability to ingest protein particles so it stops the production of sulfur gas. Thus there’s nothing to create bad breath.


It’s the only activated oral rinse, bad breath remedy, clinically proven to instantly eliminate bad breath and prevent it from returning for 12 hours per rinse. Mixing the two solutions just before using them insures that Smart Mouth is freshly activated every time you use it. Just two rinses a day give you the confidence of fresh breath for 24 hours.


More about Smart Mouth Mouthwash – The Bad Breath Remedy

  • Dentist recommended
  • Clinically proven to stop bad breath for 24 hours
  • 2 Pump Bottle System
  • SmartMouth is the only mouthwash that uses a patented zinc-ion technology
  • Doesn’t stain teeth, dentures or crowns
  • Safe for ages 6+ and diabetics
  • 100% non-alcohol, no burning
  • Maximum plaque and gingivitis protection


Combine the solutions in the cup provided and immediately rinse for 30 seconds. That’s it.

I know what it’s like to struggle with this embarrassing problem and am so glad to be able to pass along this product that works.


Please comment below. I’ve be glad to know about your experience with this product that’s been such a little miracle for me.


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Smart Mouth mouthwash - bad breath remedy
Smart Mouth mouthwash - bad breath remedy

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