About Me

I’m Daphne Delouya.

I grew up in Chicago, lived in Texas, Colorado, Florida, South Carolina and now Montreal. It’s been a checkered life filled with mostly great experiences and some very good work, but I always cared far more about the people I worked with than the actual jobs.


A passion for my work has been elusive. I worked in photography and film production for television commercials, everything from wardrobing, set-styling and casting to studio managing and printing black and white photography. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t a calling. I’d been to cooking school in NY (CIA), worked for a music composer/sound designer, 2 realtors and was even an administrator at the Vail Interfaith Chapel in Vail, Colorado where I lived for 6 years.


I had only ever wanted to be married and have a family of my own. I don’t believe there’s a feminist bone in my body because I don’t feel I have anything to prove in that way. I’m as concerned about injustice as anyone but have been fortunate in that I haven’t personally experienced any real discrimination. I also know many powerful women whose focus is their families and they’ve been my inspiration.


30+ years ago I became involved with non-western healing methods and haven’t looked back. Convinced that the body, given what it needs, can heal itself, I became a certified Emotion Code/Body Code practitioner. I’ve continued to find other methods that complement this one. The healing that’s been achieved, that continues to be achieved from these types of healing are inspiring. And, because these methods are all energy-based, this work is often done at a distance, a hugely added benefit.


As an example in my own practice, I was able to help an 18-month old baby girl, who still wasn’t speaking, say “grandma”, “grandpa”, and “papa” within 3-days. Another client who had chronic knee pain reported almost complete relief after many others had tried in vain to help him. Another man was almost immobile on his couch for 12 hours with no idea what was oppressing him and making him completely lethargic. Within 45 minutes of our session he was standing and hungry. I was hundreds of miles away from all three of these clients. These types of results are fairly commonplace in energy/distance healing.


In my blog I share the healing methods I know and have seen work. More importantly, I offer the fact that anyone can learn to do what I have. Anyone can be a healer. I primarily recommend the trainings, books and seminars of The Emotion Code/Body Code (founder: Dr. Bradley Nelson) and Access Consciousness (founder: Gary Douglas with his partner Dr. Dain Heer).


Blogging about healing and other “solutions” to symptoms and imbalances we all suffer from is my focus now. I’ve even included a category on my blog for all I’m learning about blogging. I began this work knowing nothing about it or about affiliate marketing. Now I can recommend the best programs that have helped me create thelatestbloomer.com in its present form. It will continue to evolve as I do.


Currently living in Montreal with my husband, step-children and step-grandchildren, I am grateful beyond words that I’m able to spend my time in this way and be here for my family.


This blog is a long time coming. Ha!, more evidence that I am thEEE Latest Bloomer! I adore sharing things I’ve tried which work for me and my family, the tools and methods I depend on, recipes (they’re coming!), cool stuff about people, things and places.


Thank you for being here. I’m always glad to answer any questions about what I write and I love to receive suggestions for new topics that matter to you.

Daphne, The Latest Bloomer


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