Pinterest for Beginners: How to Easily Track Pinterest Pins to Your Group Boards

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Have you been struggling to come up with a system to track Pinterest Pins you post on your group boards? I’ve developed a very easy way. I’ve heard others describe something similar, but I don’t want to flip through a notebook with a page devoted to each of my Pinterest groups and I don’t like my handwriting. A spreadsheet wasn’t working for me either. It was all too difficult for me to navigate so I came up with my own tracking method.


This is what I’ve found that’s been working beautifully and actually gives me a great sense of satisfaction. I also find that it’s very simple to work with and that was an imperative as I developed my system. Below these how-to-steps is a screenshot example of how this all works.


  • Every time I’m accepted into a group I create a new Word document saved with the group’s name. The name goes at the top of the page, underlined and then the group’s rules right below. It’s added to the appropriate folder for its category, in my main file “Pinterest Groups” (which lives on my desktop).



  • When I pin to the group I make a simple entry i.e. January 3, underlined and then below the date my PIN’s description (so I know exactly which one I’ve shared – I usually create 4-5 PINs per post). See image below.


  • I go to the group and pin what I want FROM the group (staying within their guidelines, usually sharing 1 – 2 PINs for each PIN I plan to post). I do this whenever I have time during the day because I generally post my PINs in the evening when my analytics show me that most of my followers check out my PINs.


  • After I’ve satisfied the group’s requirements, and if I’m not planning to contribute my PIN right away, I minimize my Word doc. If it’s minimized on my screen I know I can add mine whenever I want to without questioning if I’ve already shared what I need to from the group.


  • When I do add my PIN/s to the group I go back to the Word doc and highlight that day’s entry in a consistent color that shows it’s been added. For me, bright blue means it’s done. Then I close that page.


  • The next time I want to share and add to the group I reopen the doc and add a new date and PIN that I want to post above the last entry. I can easily see what I’ve already contributed to the group. I also add notes about which PINs I know I definitely want to add to the group at some point.


Example of Word Doc Format to Track Pinterest PINs


  • I have a file on my desktop called “Pinterest Groups” and within that file are separate folders for the different categories of groups I belong to. When I sit down to pin I take turns opening one document per category so I can vary the pins I share from the groups. That way my Pinterest PINs section doesn’t end up with 20 PINs in one category consecutively. I bounce back and forth to keep it varied and more of a mixture.


  • In order to not have my own PINs show up next to each other in my profile, I also separate them, either with a few other PINs from my groups that I’ve copied the URLs to add later, just for this purpose, or others from my live feed.


Most of what I know about Pinterest I’ve learned from Carly Campbell’s incredible book, Pinterest Strategies (only $32). Click here for my post, Pinterest for Beginners, which tells more about it. Her book is also for the advanced blogger looking to take things to the next level. She’s amazingly insightful and teaches things about Pinterest I’ve never heard anywhere else; i.e. why free images don’t work as well for you as the paid ones or images or infographics you create yourself. That information alone has entirely changed my way of creating PINs. She also has a hugely helpful Facebook group and live seminars.



If you’re struggling to find group boards in your niche, here’s how I find them.

1) Two Facebook groups; Pinterest Group Boards and Pinterest Group Boards by Lynne, allow me to search for my niche and see who has open boards available. I click to see how active they are, how many PINs and followers they have, and if they seem right for me I’ll request an invitation.

2) I also go to the profiles of the bloggers I know who do well in my niche and see which boards they follow.

3) – is super easy to use.



Pinterest Schedulers like Tailwind and Board Booster

In terms of a Pinterest scheduler, Carly Campbell…discourages their use. For the moment I use Tailwind and contribute to my tribes regularly. I’m still on the fence about using a scheduler to some degree or exclusively manually pinning (which Carly swears by and explains why in her book).


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How to Track Pinterest PINs You Share to Your Group Boards
How to Track Pinterest PINs You Share to Your Group Boards
How to Track Pinterest PINs You Share to Your Group Boards

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