Feel More Secure with Your Very Own Proofreading Tool

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Are you a blogger or a writer working without a proof-reader?


Do you have someone knowledgeable checking your posts before you publish them? If not, this is for you. You can try the proofreading tool, Grammarly, for free and see the kinds of mistakes it catches for you. Then you can feel confident that what you’re putting out into the world will be as powerful as you intend. Errors can diminish the effect of your valuable message.



I can’t tell you how many posts and e-books I’ve read, published by very well-known bloggers and writers, in which I’ve found multiple typos and grammar mistakes. Really? There’s no reason for that, and it’s not at all professional.


If you’re your own proof-reader, even if you’re a very good one, a second set of eyes on your work is always of value. Initially, I was having my mother and my sister read everything I wrote (they’re pretty expert, mom is a writer and sister is a retired graphic designer). But I wanted to be able to publish a post without checking it out with anyone else first. Enter Grammarly, the simplest, most affordable proofreading tool.


This proofreading tool is more than just “spellcheck.”

I used to cringe when I’d find a mistake weeks after having created a new post. For only $7 per month (annual plan of $83.97) I can check my own work. Grammarly catches;

  • Misspellings
  • Extra or missing commas (I am ridiculously comma happy and tend to sprinkle them in like seasoning)
  • Other incorrect punctuation
  • Over-used words
  • And, yes, grammar mistakes


Ok, I don’t take all of Grammarly’s suggestions. Sometimes it recommends something that isn’t what I’m intending to say. If that happens, you just hit ignore and continue checking the document.


Your Personal Proofreading Tool


Grammarly offers Free and Premium subscriptions. The Free version is a bit limited, but it’s a great place to start to see how much you’ll come to rely on the support. I decided I needed to be certain I was putting out the best in quality content, so I jumped into the Premium version. So glad I did. It’s saved me from looking foolish many times already.


I would say the only con is that sometimes when I’ve told the program to ignore something, it still wants to inform me it’s incorrect and continues to highlight that word or phrase, not understanding that I want it the way I wrote it. It’s a non-problem, only something that I would prefer it would learn so it would stop questioning.


Otherwise, I feel so much more secure in my writing and publishing. I know for certain no one will find a spelling mistak (o.k., that’s a joke!) in my pieces and certainly not in a free gift or publication I offer.


With the Free version, you have nothing to lose. Give this proofreading tool a try and see the kinds of things it catches and then decide if it’s valuable enough for you to subscribe for only $7/mo.


Please comment below. I’d love to know if Grammarly makes a real difference for you. Blog on!


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Your Personal Proofreading Tool
Your Personal Proofreading Tool

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Your Personal Proofreading Tool
Your Personal Proofreading Tool
Your Personal Proofreading Tool

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