Healing Your Child’s Behavior or Distress?

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Are you at a complete loss to understand what’s causing your child’s behavior or distress?

Sometimes a child’s behavior, or a baby’s, will change dramatically. As a parent, you can usually tell if your child is having a moment, going through a bit of a stage or if something unusual is causing a change in him/her. It can show up as not wanting anything to do with one parent, changes in sleep patterns, not eating, terrible anger or sadness…anything out of the ordinary that’s persistent.


While this post is primarily geared toward babies and young children, I also help older children, teens and adults with this method. There are no limits.


There’s a simple way to determine “What’s going on?”


With energy healing we can question a child’s subconscious; it knows exactly what’s causing every imbalance and what’s needed to heal. Thousands of people do this every day with great success. As a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner, it’s been my great joy to help babies and children (teens and adults) heal symptoms that don’t have any apparent cause or answer.


I’ve chosen one example to illustrate what this method can do. A client’s 18 month-old daughter had really never spoken. She made sounds but no words. Planning that she and her husband would need to take her to a speech therapist soon, she checked in with me first to see if we could determine what was causing this delay in her daughter’s speech. Previously, at nine months-old, we had worked to help this same little girl begin eating solid foods (she had had no interest) and afterward she was eating within a few days.


The reason this can be done at a distance is based on the premise that everything is energy.


I simply focused on this child and through intention of thought appealed directly to her subconscious in conversation. Her conscious mind was not involved, nor could it be considering her young age. My first question was “Is it safe for you to speak?” Through muscle testing* (there’s an explanation of this at the bottom of the “About” page on my website https://www.daphnedelouya.com), I found that speaking was not safe for her. I asked “Can you speak? Are the words right there?” and got a yes.


Using my Emotion Code/Body Code charts I was then able, through intention and a clearing statement, to pinpoint and clear trapped negative emotions that contributed to her feeling it was not safe to speak. I questioned further and found some absorbed energies from other people. After clearing those, there was nothing else needed at that time. I asked how long the healing would take to integrate fully and told her mother to give her two days and we’d see if there was anything more.


This work doesn’t always achieve such immediate and dramatic results, though it’s great when it does. Two days later I received an email from her mother saying “Keep going, it’s working! She said three words!” She said a few more that weekend. A few days later, when she seemed to have plateaued without further progress, we rechecked and found a handful of other imbalances to correct. Thankfully, she was on her way.


There are countless stories about this method developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. (https://www.healerslibrary.com) It’s perfectly feasible to question the source of a child’s behavior or distress. Suddenly he/she won’t go to their father or cries hysterically when left at daycare or school when previously there was little or no separation anxiety. Sleep imbalances can be addressed as well as any number of behavioral, emotional and physical symptoms.


Helping to Heal Your Child's Behavior or Distress


I work with adults as well, though my great passion is to help children, parents and families.


If you’re new to this type of work, it may seem improbable. It may sound incredible…IT IS! I reply “Why wouldn’t we have been given something so wonderful? A way to communicate directly with our bodies and the parts of us that know absolutely what’s causing physical, emotional and physical imbalance, and illness, and what’s needed to heal?” And, given this beautiful work, why would there be restrictions that would require us to be in the same room with each other to accomplish it? Healing from a distance can be done for someone half a world away and has helped babies, and even people who are unconscious.


There’s very little this work can’t address. I’ve been a facilitator for healing such symptoms as sudden anxiety, children waking too early in the morning, physical pain, illnesses and relationship issues. There’s no reason to wait it out or “see how it goes.” No reason to continue hurting. Suffering serves nobody.


I am a “facilitator,” not a healer.


Anything I say to you, anything anyone else says to you, run by your own awareness. If it doesn’t feel true or right to you, do not accept or choose it. We’re restoring your full power to you and offering you the tools to help yourself heal. I facilitate, and you choose whatever you want to create with the space and freedom that may have previously been hindered or imbalanced.


I’m not healing you. You are the creator here. You are in the driver’s seat. My role is to hold a space of intention and caring and ask questions that will contribute to you for highest good. When working to
help heal a child’s behavior or distress this still applies. Their subconscious guides our session.


If you’d like more information about energy healing, and how it can help heal your child’s behavior or distress, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, please visit my website. https://www.daphnedelouya.com



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Helping to Heal Your Child's Behavior or Distress
Helping to Heal Your Child's Behavior or Distress

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