Silver Powder: a remedy for blackheads that actually WORKS!

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Do you know the feeling of not being in control of your skin? Worried that something ugly, angry, red will show up right on the center line!! That it might invite its even uglier friends? 

Years ago I made a deal with G-d that if He would keep blemishes off my face I would overcome my shyness and look people in the eye. Our bargain has been honored.

Except for blackheads. I tried every diy method and affordable product that promised to get rid of them and nothing ever made a lick of difference. I have better things to spend my energy on and you surely do too. AT LAST, I found a blackhead remover that really does get rid of those little buggers.


I’ve read many reviews that prove this works. It’s the only product I’ve ever found that makes a noticeable improvement, so much so that the last time my sister-in-law (an esthetician) gave me a facial, she said that I had no blackheads. I love this stuff and have to spread the word about it.

Affordable: Silver Powder is $12 for a 1 oz. jar and easily lasts 3 – 4 months.


Mario Badescu’s Silver Powder


Cons: I can’t think of any but some people claim it takes a little extra scrubbing to remove the whitish film it leaves behind. See my directions below.


Here’s how I use Silver Powder to get rid of blackheads.

• Dip a warm wet cotton square into the powder and apply it like a mask to the affected area. Wait for 5 – 10 minutes. It seems to flake off a bit if I’m moving around much but by then I know it’s time to wash it off.
• Use another wet cotton square to remove it and then some face soap/wash to remove any remaining product. Initially, it leaves a whitish film but soap and a light scrubbing takes care of that. Some reviewers go on about how hard it is to remove but it’s not.
• At first, I used it 2 – 3 times per week, and then once a week, and now whenever I see blackheads building up. It does require some consistency to keep them under control but considering the results, it’s worth it.


It feels so good to have a go-to blackhead remover that makes such a difference with this annoying beauty challenge. The Mario Badescu skincare line is cruelty-free.


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Give this a try and please leave a comment below with your experience. And if you’re interested in reading about other beauty and skincare solutions, please click on the following links.



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Silver Powder Actually Gets Rid of Blackheads
Silver Powder Actually Gets Rid of Blackheads

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