Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – The Program

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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners and Those Who Want to Learn from an Expert.

This invaluable program on Affiliate Marketing will help launch you on the road to success.


How I Finally Started Blogging for Profit and The Program That Paved the Way

Creator: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner (of Making Sense of Cents), who consistently makes over $100,000 blogging every month. 


I found the program that answered all of my questions and helped me begin blogging for profit from a place of knowledge and strength. Not long ago, I knew nothing about the world of affiliate marketing or, for that matter, blogging. Now I’m connected with a community of successful bloggers who share their successes and help one another.


Would you love to be able to create relatively passive income and be able to work/blog from anywhere?

I’ve always wanted to work from home and be able to travel to be with family around the world without being trapped by a traditional work-vacation schedule. So…working for myself was destined to be a perfect fit. 


I once interviewed for a job with a successful photographer who began by telling me “I don’t want this [work] to be my life, I want it to be yours.” Ugh…I high-tailed it right outta there! As much as I love blogging and sharing with my followers, it isn’t my life. The people in my life are my life. AND I love affiliate marketing.


I was looking for a job…sort of. I couldn’t stomach the idea of a 9-5 again! It felt foreign to me and I literally couldn’t bring myself to start job-hunting in the traditional way. Thankfully I was able to take a bit of time to determine what I would do but the pressure was definitely on.


Early in 2017, I woke up thinking about blogging and realized it could be my answer. I scoured the internet to determine what it could be in terms of income and I felt it click. There is so much information available to help you through every stage of creating your blog as your business and now I recommend the best of what I’ve found.


I didn’t blink when I found Michelle’s program, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, and willingly paid the $197 for her course (or 2 payments of $105) – not that that wasn’t a bit of a stretch financially, it was. But Affiliate Marketing was to be the basis of my income-producing blog. This was going back to school for me but about a subject I was extremely interested in. I was creating a business, not a hobby. I knew nothing of affiliate marketing and I needed to know everything about it because that was the rock that would allow me to blog as a career.


I went from having an idea to create a blog (I’d thought about it several times over the years) to promoting it online with Pinterest and Facebook in 5 weeks. That includes a melt-down week when I realized how much I didn’t know. You might want to plan for one of those so it doesn’t blindside you the way mine did! Honestly, it wasn’t an entire week and Michelle’s program saved me.


There was no way around the learning curve in terms of how in the heck WordPress works, what is a Tailwind and do I even want to know about Social Warfare? The answer to that is “No!” But the plethora of customer service people I spoke with and the 100+ YouTubes I watched got me through the maze which was the creation of my blog.


And now, Michelle’s program!

You’ll find many other bloggers who recommend this particular program because we all recognize the top-level, expert blogger/founder/teacher who is Michelle. It’s Affiliate Marketing for Beginners and the more seasoned bloggers who want to learn all they can from this power-woman.


Here’s what I’ve learned from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

This is a partial list of chapters from the course.

  • The Basics of Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners
  • How Affiliate Links Work
  • The Amount of Traffic Needed
  • How to Determine What Your Readers Want
  • How to Find Affiliate Programs
  • 80+ Affiliate Program Ideas for Different Niches
  • Requirements and Disclosures
  • The Tool You Need to Mastermind Affiliate Marketing
  • The Importance of Your Click-Through Rate
  • How to Have Affiliate Marketing Success
  • Your Average Blog Post Can Lead to Affiliate Success
  • How to Always Get Approved by an Affiliate Program
  • The Crazy Impact Pinterest Can Have
  • How I’ve Earned Over $300,000 From One Affiliate Product


About Michelle:

  • She has an incredibly profitable blog.
  • She publishes her monthly income reports so you can track her successes.
  • She has a large following of devoted fans and fellow bloggers.
  • The program is complete, including a section on Pinterest which is going to be your new best friend.
  • Everything is explained clearly and thoroughly in simple language that a new blogger can easily understand. She anticipated all of my questions.
  • You can reach her through the Facebook page; her assistant is helpful too.
  • She’s given all of her best knowledge on the subject of affiliate marketing and creating a profitable blog in this heartfelt and simply written course.
  • After the program, you are eligible to become an affiliate partner for the course and Michelle offers to help you succeed by promoting those posts and Pinterest PINs.



I endeavor to be honest in all that I recommend and I don’t hesitate to say what I don’t like about a product or company…but truly, besides that the price of the program might be a bit high for someone just starting out in affiliate marketing…it was for me, I knew that I would be in a stronger position to make that money back in a short time. It’s actually a very fair price considering the wealth of information.


If you want to make significant income from your blog, you will likely do this through affiliate marketing links. It’s a great way to create relatively passive income once you’ve put the framework in place. This program explains EVERYTHING on the subject.


You’ll also be eligible to join the corresponding Facebook group as soon as you purchase the course. This is the group to know about! The program and this group have provided phenomenal resources for me—I would have been ill-equipped without them. Michelle publishes posts in the group and chimes in regularly in reply to comments and questions. And she’s replied directly to my emails.


This course is my greatest recommendation to you.

I’ve taken a hundred notes and revisit the program often. This is Blogging for Profit 101 through to your master’s degree and worth every penny.


In my post titled “#1 Top Tip for New Bloggers” I recommend taking 2 weeks (less if you’re a quick study with enough time) to get up to speed on some basics. I…did not do that and it cost me money and a few extra weeks I didn’t have. That said, if you already know that affiliate marketing is going to be a significant part of your blogging income, you can begin the course right away and refer back to it as you go. I also search the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group for answers to my question.


Michelle offers a 30-day money back guarantee for the program so you can give it a try risk-free.


I’m determined to learn from the experts who know how to teach clearly and simply. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing gave me more than a base of knowledge. It gave me a community of like-minded, hard-working bloggers who are generous with their help, opinions, and advice.


I have a structure in place for exactly how to find affiliates that complement my blog’s content, and how to go from applying for a program (ensuring that I’ll almost certainly be accepted) to successfully creating a blog post and putting effective marketing into place.   


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If you’re looking for web hosting, or are undecided about which company to sign up with, read my post I’m So Glad I Found Siteground! I started with another company and switched after 3 weeks.

Please comment below and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have about the program. 


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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - Who Says You Can't Make Money Blogging? Don't You Believe Them.
Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - Who Says You Can't Make Money Blogging? Don't You Believe Them.
Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing - THE course for beginners and the more seasoned blogger, who's trying to achieve the next level.

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