Why Free Stock Photos May Not be Working for You

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I learned something so interesting from Carly Campbell’s course, Pinterest for Beginners. Among other invaluable insights, she speaks about why free stock photos are not the most effective marketing tools. Here’s why.


Pinterest is Smart!

Pinterest can’t actually see, but it does seem to be able to read images and categorize them in terms of subject and search compatibility. As you know, Pinterest is very much image-driven, and it’s critical to help it “learn” what your PIN is all about and how to include it in relevant searches.

For example, when you pin to Pinterest, i.e., the one below, the image itself becomes associated with the keywords you’ve used. I’ve used this image to represent the company, eBags.


If someone else uses the same image for another purpose, and with different keywords, Pinterest becomes a bit…confused. It no longer knows precisely how to pull and rank that PIN to satisfy search parameters. Because of this, it will automatically select something more likely.


The very fact that you’re paying for images vs. accessing free stock photos means you’re already increasing the odds that you’re now working with art that has been used far less often. Free stock images are very popular, and many people don’t know the value of buying them, even for as little as a dollar.



Choosing a Site to Purchase Images

If you decide to purchase images from a site like Deposit Photos (my personal favorite), look for one that has an extra feature that allows you to search only images that have been “undiscovered” by other marketers. Images with little or no history to trip you up with Pinterest means your PINs are much more likely to be included in a search.


I pay $1.00 per image. If you’re creating your PINs on a free site like Canva, even if you’re using the business version, it’s still extremely affordable and well worth the extra dollar per PIN to have that exclusivity. I buy 100 images for $100 on Deposit Photos, and they last me quite a long time.


Lessen the Possibility That You’ll Find Your Images Used by Other Pinners/Marketers

Personally, before I learned how Pinterest works, I would often find the free stock photos I’d been using in other PINs that weren’t mine and that had a very different intent and usage than mine. I stopped promoting those PINs because I knew they were no longer strong contenders within my marketing strategy. I’ve never seen my $1 photos in any other social media.


Pinterest for Beginners

This ebook is loaded with other, little-known information about Pinterest, such as, why it’s best to resist pinning to miscellaneous group boards, at least until you “teach” Pinterest how to categorized your PIN. For more information, check out my post about this remarkable ebook (only $32). If you decide to purchase it, you’ll be included in Carly’s exclusive Facebook group. She does fantastic live Facebook seminars and is very supportive of her followers. I’ve learned blogging tips from her that I haven’t heard from anyone else. Her book is one of my favorite recommendations.


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Why free stock photos may not be working for you.

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